The Ocelet language and the modelling platform are developed at the TETIS research unit, by researchers from the CIRAD institute.

This work was partly funded by the french National Research Agency, through the support of two research projects : STAMP (ANR-07-BLAN-0121) and Descartes (ANR-11-AGRO-002-01)

To contact us

You can contact the Ocelet developpers at the following address:

We will reply to mails concerning:

  • The use and the evolution of Ocelet.

  • This web site and its content.

  • The contribution to the development of Ocelet.

  • Bug reports: please supply sufficient indications to reproduce the bug, as it will be difficult to correct it otherwise.

User licence

Ocelet and the Ocelet Modelling Platform are released under the CECILL V2.1 licence.

The sources are available on github : https://github.com/OceletTeam/ocelet

Legal details

This is the offical web site of the Ocelet modelling language and its modelling platform.

Ocelet and this web site are developped at the TETIS Research Unit, by researchers from the Cirad.

Users rights and obligations

The contents of this site are protected under literary and artistic property law, the Berne Convention, EU directive 96/9/CE and book 1 of the French Code de la propriété intellectuelle. All reproductions other than for the personal use of visitors to the site, notably with a view to publication in any form, are strictly forbidden without the express written permission of CIRAD.

Visitors are responsible for their interpretation and use of the information consulted, and for the data they provide on forms included in the site. They are bound by the prevailing rules and regulations.


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