Language reference manual

A simulation model written in Ocelet is composed of one or more '.oclt' files grouped within the same project.

The file that has the same name as the project is considered the entry point in the model. In this file, there should be the main scenario (the one that has the same name as the project) and eventually other scenarios that can be called from the main scenario.

The main scenario contains a series of instructions that describe in which order the different operations are executed in the course of a simulation.

To write a scenario, you may need different elements that are

All the definitions of the entities, relations, datafacers and structures can be put either in the same file as the main scenario, or in separate files. Only the scenarios need to be in the same file.

Each of the Ocelet language elements are described in detail in the different sections of this documentation. These can be accessed directly from the index in the left pane of this page.